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IMANI means FAITH in the Swahili language of East Africa. IMANI people are those who believe in their culture, their traditions and themselves. But above everything else, they are people who trust the natural world they inhabit.


The IMANI photography project supports indigenous people living in conditions of extreme poverty in the Mang'ola Valley, Karatu, Tanzania. In a world trending towards homogenisation of cultures and loss of wild nature, the Mang'ola Valley is an amazing treasure at the base of the Serengeti Plateau, that still sustains an incredible variety of tribes, societies, traditions and natural environments.
The IMANI project showcases the outstanding diversity of the region through the lens of the camera, with the goal of fundraising for the Urafiki Humanitarian Foundation, who has been providing uncompromising support to the Mang'ola Valley's inhabitants through health, education and economic opportunities for over 10 years. The Urafiki Foundation has been an agent for the survival of local communities by fighting hunger, diseases and lack of education, while offering personal support to those who need it most.  
Thus, the IMANI project arises as a collaboration between the Urafiki Foundation and the photographer Álvaro Peña, who created IMANI as an initiative to support and document the people, tribes and traditional lifestyles of the Mang'ola Valley. IMANI contributes to the survival of the people and tribes by supporting their healthcare, educational and economic development, while sharing their diversity and beauty with the entire world. This help comes from people all around the world, like you, who believe in IMANI.
By purchasing photos or making donations to the IMANI project, you are helping to maintain the cultural diversity of our world and supporting indigenous people leading a traditional lifestyle: IMANI people.
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