‘IMANI’ is a Swahili word which means faith.

The IMANI photography project was established by Spanish photographer, Álvaro Peña Conde to support indigenous people living in extreme poverty in the Mang’ola Valley in northern Tanzania. The project was inspired by Spanish priests, Pepe Aguilar and Miguel Angel Lozano from Urafiki Humanitarian Foundation, who have been living and helping people in Tanzania for over thirty years. The foundation has been an agent for the survival of local communities by fighting hunger and diseases, promoting education and offering support to those who need it most. The IMANI project fundraises for these causes while sharing the spirit and beauty of Mang’ola and its inhabitants, through the medium of photographs.

IMANI THE BOOK contains images of the Hadza tribe, Datoga tribe and landscape photographs of the Mang’ola Valley. The book aims to share the incredible cultures, traditions and lifestyles of people found in this very special place on Earth.

By purchasing this book you are helping to maintain the cultural diversity of our world by supporting indigenous people leading a long-established way of life in Mang’ola: The IMANI PEOPLE.

Welcome to the IMANI project!